Makeup Artist


My passions are makeup artistry, making people smile, and helping others. 

My clothes take me to my comfort zone, They take me to a place of confidence knowing each piece I chose was specifically fit for my personality.

My Goals are to become more successful with my artistry, make a name for myself and brand it one day. Also become the healthiest me I can be.

One of your proudest moments is speaking for "The bridge over Troubled waters" (women's homeless shelter) as a child sharing my experience with others how life was growing up in a domestic violence household it was amazing to share and let them in. Never thought I had the confidence to do so.

The most powerful thing to me about being a woman is how nurturing we are, it comes naturally for some and to me that's God given. 

I love what ThreadConnection stands for. The story behind the brand alone is very powerful to me and I'm all about helping and giving back.

Nothing is more powerful than investing your time and beliefs into yourself , we are what we think, what we say, what we do.

 I believe a series of characteristics, personalities, behaviors bring us close together. I adore all things natural! Connections, friendships and energy if it's forced it isn't for you.