Vocalist, Harvard Graduate



My style is powerful, bold, tailored, whimsical, and classic. I like to reach into other eras and times, movies, books, and photographs for inspiration.

I work all the time so my clothes are like a vacation for me. I dress for the day I wish I had. Even if I get rained on or stuck on a train; I dressed for the day I hoped to have. Your clothes take you to the tedious things you need to do to reach your goals.

My goal is to create music for all of my life, to keep connecting with people through music, and to share this life with my loved ones. I want to keep growing and to always be in tune with my aspirations and not react to expectations. 

My passions are expressing myself, building work, building art, opportunities, performing, travelling, learning, and loving people. I like to cook and speak languages. I love to party. I like outer space. I follow NASA on Instagram. I also like poetry. I'm passionate about my loved ones and people I admire. I'm curious in my own life. I'm passionate about leaving the world better than I found it. I support women who are dedicated to that too. 

My proudest moments are the things I do for the people I love. I sang my first opera in front of an Italian audience and people asked me where I was from (they thought I was Italian). I was pretty proud of that. 

The most powerful thing about being a woman is that women bring life. I want to see women represented in their fullness, whether in music or popular culture. That means being credited for their innovation and not being reduced. Being a woman has given me huge powers of creativity. I am entirely aware of my power. It inspires me. It doesn't scare me. Our power is the best kept secret from people who are traditionally in power. It's quite something to unleash on the world. 

The Moschino slacks were the most beautiful quality slacks I owned. They remind me of Eartha Kitt, Dorothy Dandridge, and Lena Horne. They transport you when you put them on. I've worn them when I needed to rise to the occasion in this city. These are power pants. You don't need to add anything else to the outfit. I picked the pieces I chose for the purpose of handing on experiences.

The human connection with Nastasia inspired me to become a contributor for ThreadConnection. When I look her in the eyes there's a real purpose.

Love is what connects us. The love is wanting to express yourself and wanting to be heard and respected. Anytime you have those things you can create love from that. 

I greet the world with empathy and humor and I'm very proud to be a woman. I'm grateful for the women who have influenced me.

Girls have been susceptible to all kinds of obstacles such as bullying and all of those relentless things for a long time. I feel that girls today have to process things so much faster because of technology and how lightning fast messages and information are thrown around. The most important thing for girls is to create a time where they aren't reacting to social media and can hear their own voice. Then they can hear what they haven't decided for themselves and what they choose to believe. That could be prayer, meditation, or lying under a tree. It's a slower time than the world dishes out.