Model, Mother

Its funny because my passions can't be categorized. My passion is being an artist. I'm passionate about my feelings. I went to Franck Sinatra high school and majored in fine arts. I can sculpt, photograph, and paint. Before modeling I did photography and poetry.

I have learned that clothing does matter to an extent, but who you are is what matters most. I've been wearing unexpected clothing to castings and casting directors love it. Last Fashion Week I had a pair of pleather shorts. I was running to a casting with my daughter and I ripped the back of them. It was clear cut and I was so embarrassed. I went to my other seven castings and told the casting directors that when I turned around there was a little surprise. They loved it. You never know how anything in fashion can add to your character. That's who we are; we are characters. 

It's very hard to say what my proudest moment is because I have two different realities; my life as a model and my life as a mother. One of my proudest moments is having my daughter natural. In my superficial reality my proudest moment is winning The Face. I tried so hard and I was just making it in every competition. It's ironic that I didn't win any individual competitions and won the competition as a whole.

My goal is to live authentically throughout my whole life whatever my purpose is and just to stay true. My other goals are to write my own book, own a non profit, and to book a cover of Vogue. My biggest goal is being living proof to my daughter of everything I want her to be.

The closest thing to an original love, love from God is love from a woman. Women are so lovable. We are an equal balance of everything.

I bought the boots I donated on Broadway in Soho. When I got them I liked them, but I love how over time the more I wore them the more they built character. People on the train stepping on you, walking through the snow and the rain gave the boots a rugged feel. I love that bad girl feel. I bought the jacket at a thrift store. I loved it when I tried it on (especially the lace in the back). The Calvin Klein bag doubles as an Ipod case. I carried it when I was done filming The Face and wore it to red carpet events. I threw in little things I needed like my charger, metrocard and phone.

The reason i donated it is that I know that Nastasia is a genuine person. I know that she has good intentions in her heart and I know that with those intentions she will get it done. Also, as a child I went through domestic violence situations. Not only do those situations affect people in the relationships, but it also affects their children. I was seven years old when I was affected. There are things that therapy can't heal. But the fact that other people are able to relate does help. For me to have gone through what I have gone through and not participated in something like this would make my suffering useless.

The way I would like to help women with this site would be to help them understand their feelings better. We are emotional creatures so we tend to internalize. Instead of internalizing we must learn to grow.

As women our common thread is being considerate and thinking of others before ourselves. We have to learn how to find who we are as women but that's the most beautiful thing about us. Women can give so much love and give all of their love and still stand on their feet. 

The message I would like to leave other women with is to look at yourselves and to realize everything you face we all go through to a degree. I am woman just like you.