My passions are photography, living, expanding opportunities, friends, everyone that loves me, and traveling. 

My style is repeating generations. Sometimes I might be in a 60's mood, and other times I wear 80's clothes. My clothes have taken me to new jobs. If you're dressed a certain way, you meet different people. Getting dressed is like putting a character on.

 The Fila jacket was given to me by a friend that let me move in with him when I first got to New York. He's a dancer on a cruise ship now.

My proudest moment was getting an apartment on my own and moving to New York. One of my pictures was on a site called Vsco Cam. They sent me prints. Another one of my proudest moments was getting a job at one of my favorite retailers on 5th avenue. 

To be a woman that inspires everyone is my goal. All types of people. To be something big in film is also my goal. I also want to retire in Northern California with kids and to marry an artist.

Beauty connects us, fashion, our feelings. That's why when we read magazines, We can all relate to them.

Women have the power to create a new being (a little child lol). We create our own power. A lot of people put women down. We are so underestimated. It is rewarding to be a woman boss.

I like the idea of ThreadConnection. It's a good representation of women and fashion. 

My advice to women is to be intelligently impulsive. Traveling also teaches you important lessons. It helps you gain authentic knowledge. 


*****ALSO- Ericka is the photographer behind the homepage photography for ThreadConnection. We sincerely thank her!