Makeup Artist

I have always wanted to be an architect. I love anything that has to do with art, and when I found my love for makeup, I knew I found my long term passion.


Every article of clothing I’ve bought, represents my style. I like more basic things, but there are times where I like to spice up an outfit a little.


I hope that one day, I can achieve success in the makeup industry and the business world. 


One of my proudest moments was when I first did a makeover, as a freelance artist, for a girl’s prom day. She was so proud of the look I did on her, I even almost shed a tear.


I think the most powerful thing about being a woman, is how strong and confident we are. We’re not afraid to stand up for others, and ourselves and I just think that is really inspiring.


The thing that influenced me the most about joining ThreadConnection, is the cause behind the brand. I have always wanted to be a part of an organization that reaches out to those who are in need of a helping hand. I also think the message behind the brand is beautiful. As women, we are all connected in a beautiful way.


My message to you, is to embrace every imperfection, and every part of your being that makes you the woman you are today. There’s only one of you, so share your individuality with the world!! 


Our inner beauty is the thread that connects us all to one another.