Creator of In Thing, Writer


I'm passionate about so many different things. I'm passionate about life, love, kindness, family, writing, fashion, style, and creativity. I'm passionate about really living a life you enjoy.

I believe that way you dress yourself is really important because it speaks for you before you even say a word. Because of that, I always try to dress my best and my clothes have taken me to so many great places. It's taken me to my first shows at NYFW, it's taken me abroad to Europe, it's taken me through everyday life, and through those bad days where the only thing that was right was my outfit :). 


My goals are to continue becoming closer to God and finding as much inner peace as I could find here on earth. I wish the same for my family and friends. Career wise, my goals are to solidify my brand In Thing and to help as many women and people in general as I can through my blog.


One of my proudest moments was graduating college. It was so special to me because it wasn't just about me graduating. It was more about showing respect and gratitude to my family for the countless sacrifices they have all made for me to make it there. I'm always the most proud when I make a dream or wish a reality. 


The most powerful thing about being a woman is being able to do the things only us women can do like giving birth and just having that innate intuition to know certain things without having much information. Our resilience and our ability to remain strong yet so soft and nurturing always amazes me.


Each piece of clothing has its own set of stories because I always remember where I got it from and the places I've worn it to. I only buy things I absolutely love so all the clothes in my closet are special to me. That means anything that's here on ThreadConnection will have that love attached to it.


The concept of ThreadConnection is really original and genuine so that's why I was drawn to it. I love that ThreadConnection gives back to women and is all about woman empowerment. It's just a good vibe over here and I always want to be where the good vibes are.


 I want every woman to know that they are just as special as the next woman and to fully embrace who they are because nobody can be you. There's nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman who knows who she is and loves herself because of it. That's the real goal.I believe love and kindness connects us all. We all want to be loved and treated kindly so why not just be those two things? If I've learnt anything, it's that's life is short and unpredictable so laugh, be happy, be spontaneous, and enjoy yourself. Enjoy your life and the people in it. 


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