Educational Program Director

This is going to sound quite cliche but traveling is my everything. I truly enjoy being able to connect with people and hearing their stories. As a former anthropology member, it is really important for me to not only travel, but to do it responsibly with the local communities in mind. 

Listen! Clothes are not only something folks can accessorize with but more importantly it gives character and tells a story. My clothes have taken me on many different paths. Some good, others not so good. 

My goals are simple but important ones. I want to continue to grow and explore myself, my needs, as well as understanding my value as a person in this not-so perfect society.  I haven't figured out what i want to do or where I want to be but I guess I have my whole life to figure that out. ;)

I was born in India and migrated to this country when I was two years old. One of my most proud moments actually happened when I went back to India in college. I happened to be in Himachal Pradesh (northern part of India) when the Dalai Lama was giving a talk. I was trying to walk around where the Dalai Lama was speaking so I can get a good look at him. Right as I was walking, the Dalai Lama paused ever so slightly and looked right at me and smiled. I could have died that day!


The most powerful thing about being a woman is the our ability to continue to rise. As an Indian-American woman, I am often boxed into a societal image of what a woman of my background, size, and age should be like or do. I often come across people who are genuinely surprised by my personality and my experiences. I think it is amazing to see us women, and anyone who identifies as such, to be able to destroy societal concepts of what we are meant to be like. 

I think it's important for women to have access to clothes no matter our background. I used to work for a non-profit in high school that offered free to low cost interview clothes for teenagers. That job changed my outlook on a number of things and made it really clear to me that people need to be set up for success to be successful. ThreadConnection feels like a natural extension of that important work. 

Dressing confidently looks different person to person. Don't be quick to force a style on yourself that does not fit you! We are forced into a number of routines throughout the day--don't let your clothing fall into that! Find what your comfortable with and allow yourself the time and space to just be you.