Model, Free Spirit, Speaker 

My style is partially bohemian goth but also rocker and tribal meow. 

My passions are photography, modeling, dance, and singing. Helping people in their personal lives is a huge passion of mine, as well as connecting with one another. Another one is making people laugh; I really like being funny! Spreading joy and positivity as my own person is very important to me.

I think my clothes as they've changed over the years have allowed me to explore different parts of my personality. Sometimes I'll be girly; other times I'll be a tomboy; other times I'll be super fierce. They've also allowed me to explore the options I have for my body type that I may not have considered before. 

I have a thing where I won't leave home with an outfit that's not seamless. If it doesn't feel right, I just wont wear it. If it's put together, I feel confident and I feel like that has affected my opportunities in a positive way.

I got the beige vest at a thrift store for a photoshoot. It was super old lady but I figured I could do something with it. I cut it up and took out the shoulder pads, so it's super edgy now. The grey jeans that I donated I love so much and I didn't want to let them go. I shot with them on the Piers here in New York. I also shot the red jacket in my home city in California at a theater I worked at called Fresno Soap Co. The blue pants were given to me by my good friend Dexter Flawk.

My goals are to start two business. One where I help people get on track with their goals, and truly love their lives. I also want to do a non-profit where I get investors to help people who are motivated, good-hearted, and want to volunteer, but don't have the resources or degree necessary to travel with other volunteer placement agencies. I want to afford that opportunity for people that want to help.

Something that makes me feel good about myself is that I have a lot of friends coming to  me for advice. I was able to reconnect with someone from junior high that didn't know I existed. I had a crush on him then. We've finally connected and now HE looks up to ME in a really cool way. For him to turn that around and give back the admiration I had for him was really cool. It doesn't matter what you think other people think of you. They could come back with an amazing and unexpectedly beautiful appreciation for who you are.  

The most powerful thing about a woman is that people look to women for open arms and a nurturing heart. People trust us more easily than men. I feel like there's a lot of power in that because we have influence. People look to us for advice, and safety. We have a lot of opportunity for showing and sharing love and encouragement.

After hearing what Nastasia wanted to do and why she was so passionate about it, I naturally wanted to help because I also like connecting with people. I have plenty of stuff that I wanted to give, so it was an easy decision.

The message I want to send to other women is that it's okay have a heart, it's okay to be strong, and it's okay to embrace yourself. Yeah.... like that. lol


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