Future Med Student

While I've been through a few personal and professional life changes in the past few years, I have always maintained a passion for service, and healthcare. I'm currently in the process of applying to medical school, and I can't wait to be a doctor! Extracurricularly, I also love reading, hiking, (brunch), and have recently looked into beekeeping as a new hobby. 



Literally, my clothes have taken me all over the world! I love traveling, and have been working on catering my closet to allow me to insert myself into different cultures and communities with ease. Figuratively, I have been able to use clothes to engage in an amazing assortment of cool activities, especially at home in New York. From costume parties and burlesque shows, to quiet afternoons in cafes, I really enjoy having a wardrobe that's prepared to help me handle any event!


Right now, the biggest goal I have is to be accepted into medical school, and begin the journey of becoming a doctor. Along with that, a major goal of mine is to develop and increase my network of friends and family, so that no matter where I end up in school and in life, I'll be able to stay connected to my loved ones.I love whenever I'm able to help my friends achieve things in their lives -- some of my proudest moments have been helping my crew find new jobs, apartments, and relationships. 


I believe being a women is synonymous with being powerful -- we are complex beings, innately intuitive, and insanely capable. I think one of our most powerful abilities is our knack for building and maintaining communities, whether within the home, in professional environments, or with peers and friends, we're great at coming together, and using the power generated from these relationships to pretty much accomplish anything. 



It's so essential to self-esteem to have a wardrobe that can adapt with you, and give you the tools you need to present yourself in the best possible light in any situation. For better or worse, appearance is something that's taken seriously in our world, and I want to be able to do whatever I can to help give as many women as possible the ability to dress herself according to her needs and desires. 



That while it's important to acknowledge the necessity of presenting yourself well to the world, what's more important is that you're being true to yourself at the same time. It sounds like a cliche, but unless you feel as though you're representing your true self with your outward appearance, it's impossible to gain the confidence and esteem necessary to be happy, go out there, and accomplish what you want to get done. Know thyself, dress thyself accordingly. We all love a comfy pair of socks. That, and the deep desire we all have to fundamentally be understood by others, and to be loved for our authentic selves.