Model, Humanitarian, Law Student 




I am a very passionate person, so once I get excited about something, I see no limits. I am very passionate about humanitarian work, fundraising, new projects, which help to raise and deliver support to ones in need. I am currently working on a couple of fundraising projects, which I feel very committed to. I am also very passionate about my school and courses I am taking a part in. I study law, which is really great as it combines a lot of what I really enjoy-argumentation, reasoning, discussion, “opening and rethinking old cases”. It is a science on its own. When I get some spare time next to modeling and my projects I enjoy an exhausting boxing class, a relaxing Pilates session or a hard workout in a gym. I also love books. Thanks to my profession I get a lot of spare time on set or between castings so I can dive into books. I especially enjoy the authors of The Lost generation or books from the WWII period.

My clothes have taken it all around the globe. I have a few favorite pieces, which are always with me, no matter if I travel for two days or two months. As I am always on the go, I have to leave a lot of beloved pieces back in my closet as well... But some pieces are just always with me. A black tank top, a perfectly fitted pair of jeans, a white silk shirt, those are essentials. 

My ultimate goal in life is to be useful. To make our world a beautiful place. To help to save, and to make as many lives, as I can, better. This is what I truly believe is my mission in life, just to help others… I don’t want to appear cliché, but this is who I am. I don’t know if I am ever going to have my own children, which I, btw, believe is a priceless job on its own, but if not, I want to die with a feeling that I have helped the planet to be a better place. 

One of my proudest moments was when I have executed the first humanitarian project on my own. This was a donation-in-kind for Ukraine, to be more concrete, a material collection for the civilians who were affected by the war in the east of Ukraine. I had only got two days to organize the whole project but we ended up with three trucks full of material help being heading to the region of Donbass. 

The most powerful thing about being a woman is that we can carry out life! What can be more beautiful than giving a birth? And we are so emotional, compassionate and can manage multiple tasks at once. If I was given a choice before being born, I would choose to be a woman.

I have a story to tell with every single piece, which I am donating. But I am going to tell a story about this “crazy” pink-black short-sleeved sweater. I had had it in my closet for a while and took it out only once when my boyfriend was visiting me in Paris. As the piece is quite strong on its own, once I was wearing it I felt like I want to be “just as crazy as the piece is”…So we were at Tuileries gardens in Paris and we started to take “like a superman” pictures…It was so much fun. We just tried to shoot each other in a flying pose. People stopped to talk to us and even took pictures of us. It was a real fun time.

What influenced me to become a contributor for ThreadConnection is when I saw Nastasia on social media and I was like...”I got to meet her”. The passion and the commitment, which she presents is just so contagious. And luckily she agreed. I am all in to support anyone who is in for a good cause and ThreadConnection is just a perfect way how to connect my two passions, a charity together with fashion! 

The message I hope to send to other ladies is that you can do it, just go for it… If you fail, it doesn’t matter; it just shows that you tried… A failure is not a sign of you not being good enough; it is a sign that you tried. Do not let anyone to set your value; you are the only one who should have control over your emotions. 

I believe is the thread that connects us all is compassion. I got through a lot… As I guess many of you might be getting through now… Believe me, there is always just 24 hours in a day and we all can start a new journey tomorrow. Just believe in yourself, your limits are always further ahead than you think [Symbol]