Makeup Artist
My passions are music i was a violinist for 10 years competitively. Makeup was a big one for me. Anything creative. I express my creativity through how I dress. I see myself  as a canvas. When I started doing more bold looks people sometimes dont get it. 
Mt clothes have taken me through life events. My style changes based on what is going on in my life. After my mom passed away and when I moved back here, it changed. It went from structured minimalism to more boyish and afrolish to bold and colorful, versatile ans feminine. I brought all my experiences together. I feel more comfortable like that. 
Enlisting in the military has been a huge goal of mine. When my mom died my dream died. It was the one thing I knew I wanted to do the rest of my life. Being completely happy and finding peace is a goal of mine. We all strive for that. In time I will find that balance. I can be broke and camping and be cool with it. 
My proudest moment is taking care of my mom by myself. It was the hardest time of my life and I felt so defeated. Realizing how much I could handle pushed me to be a better. All the times I complained about everything I was able to help someone survive a whole life.I got stronger and developed tough skin.  I didn't realize all the things I could do when I was beaten up by life. The most powerful thing about being a woman is that we literally can grow a human being. That's wild.
One thing of the pieces I contributed is from Zara. I wanted to be more included in my Latino Culture. In turn I was neglecting my Palestinian side because I didn't feel like I had a right to wear it. When I start comfortable with my body I got the green crop top. Sometimes you gotta be uncomfortable to be comfortable. I liked the stripe top because its simple. I like the sleeves. I like clothing that that you can dress up or down. The camo pants I always saw I wouldn't wear and why I like them so much is because they . Your clothes change the shape of your body. Wearing the baggy clothes make me feel less sexualized.
I became a contributor because I like creative people and I can assist that we all connect through creative outlets. The message I hope to send to other women is not to hinder yourself because of your gender . Think of all the things women can do but don't because of how we were raised and taught to be in a bubble. Being creators is the thing that connects us. Be fearless. I'm a chameleon. I can look however I want. Its rare anybody ever recognizes me twice.