One of my passions is storytelling. I try to do so through modeling  My clothes have been great conversation starters. I'm made a few friends at a party or shared a moment with a stranger on the street because of a t-shirt or pair of boots I was wearing. It's a way to show people a bit of who you are or inspire others to express themselves in a similar way. 


One of my goals is to be a homeowner! I'm a New Yorker and have never owned anything substantial like property. I want to have something to pass down to my children, if applicable, or have a guaranteed roof over my head. I'd also like to learn to create and manage my own content, whether that be film, photo or other art forms. 


Versatility is the most powerful thing about being a woman. We can do basically anything and shapeshift into different roles throughout our lives whether it be mother or caregiver, businesswomen, teacher, artist and a million more!   


The little black dress I'm donating once got me sent home from hostessing a conservative event because it was "so short, I was going to give the men attending all heart attacks". I still looked lovely and got many compliments on that dress during other occasions.


The idea of ThreadConnection is great. I love having a chance to connect with others and help a cause. What message do you hope to send to other ladies? Go out there and get everything you want. Of course, that's easier said then done but nothing is handed to you. Goals are reached through actions and confidence! Now go out there and get it, girl! 


The thread that connects us all is drive. Everyone is working towards their own passion whether it be creative, educational or any other avenue. It's important to have that drive, especially in New York, so you can motivate yourself and others to continue moving forward. 


 Instagram: @marshalarose