Model, College Graduate, Violinist  

Photo by Dominic White

                                  photo_Dominic White

I'm passionate about music, specifically performance, violin, emotions, and aesthetics. It's so easy not to be honest with yourself. I'm passionate about fashion, cats, people, sharing, communication, and photography. 

Your clothes allow you to feel confident and they allow you to take risks. My clothes allow me to challenge myself, to be with friends and family, and embrace music. 

My goal is to put out a solo EP, sign with an acting agency, do philanthropy work, go to grad school, and become a psychiatrist. I want to go on tour. I also want to use performing as a platform to help those with mental health issues. I want to be a positive voice. I also want to own an NYC apartment. 

What makes women powerful is their intuition, child bearing, and empathy. We possess a filter to negativity and have gentle strength. We can play a lot of roles. 

The capability to feel and the same biology is what connects us. We are all controlled by human emotion, consciousness, and ideas. It is a gift to be able to feel. 

I performed a sold out show at Bowery ballroom in the cupcake skirt, which I got at a runway show. The black button skirt was my moms. 

I became a contributor for  ThreadConnection because I love things that are run by women and the cause of domestic abuse is important. There isn't an outlet for these women. 

My proudest moment changes as I grow. I went on tour with a band in Europe. Buying a ticket to my own show with a best friend, and having played violin for 20 years at that point was a proud moment for me. I want my travels to mean something. I also went to BBC radio and performed live on the radio. 

To other women, I want them to know that they can be whatever they want to be. If someone says no, let the haters fuel you.