Mother, ThreadConnection Founder


Shot by Shamayim

photo_by Shamayim

I'm passionate about so many different things that I think I can confuse people sometimes. Whatever I have an interest in, I go for it. I'm passionate about writing, teaching, modeling, dancing, painting, and connecting with people and learning their stories. That is what is led me to create ThreadConnection in the first place. I'm passionate about creating and embracing opportunities. There's no limit to what you can do, and that excites me.

If you add hippie vibes, androgyny, 80's high-waisted jeans, and black into a pot, you have my style. When I go out at night I'm much more femininely dressed than I would be on a normal day. I love a good men's jeans from a thrift store. Bell-bottoms have grown on me tremendously in recent months too thanks to a convincing friend. My style is whatever I want it to be in that moment. It is such a hard thing to label because there are so many aspects of my personality that I identify with at different points; and that is reflected in the way I dress. 

My clothes have taken me so many incredible places. They've taken me to school, graduations, important castings, modeling jobs, and places I never thought I would be able to see with my own eyes. They've taken me places where I would meet people that have changed my life forever. 

Every piece of clothing I have has some kind of story behind it because I pretty much always remember where I got them from. Both the flapper dress and the printed dress were given to me by my mother. I chose to put them on TC because my mom is one of the most powerful women that I believe exists anywhere on earth. Maybe that's biased, because she's my mom, but the person who buys them will see what I'm talking about! When you share a piece of clothing there is a transfer of energy that occurs and the power of the piece and the person wearing it becomes your own. At least, that's my theory. The stories and successes of the person who wore the pieces can rub off a little magic onto you. That's why I love thrift stores. I just didn't really like the wondering of who the clothes came from. I wanted to know the story, not imagine it. And that's why on the train on the way to a popular Brooklyn thrift store the idea behind ThreadConnection was born.

One of my proudest moments is graduating from college with my Bachelors degree in English/ Secondary Education and getting accepted into the same school my dad went to for graduate school. Another one of my proudest moments is getting signed by one of the best modelling agencies in New York City. And when ThreadConnection launches officially, I will get to add that to the list.. God is good. 

I am obsessed with being a woman and connecting with other women. All we are is power. Behind every woman there is an incredible story. Rather than tearing each other down, why don't we get to know those stories? Why don't we help our fellow woman? So often we find that if we step back and cease judgement, the person in front of us is just like us at their core, or can teach us something about living inside of our humanity.We have all been guilty of tearing another woman down even in our minds for whatever reason. But its important for us to STOP competing and START connecting! I want the woman sitting at her desk at work ordering a piece from TC to feel connected to that woman playing sold out concerts through that piece of clothing and learning her story. 

The biggest thing I want women to learn is that it is essential that we reach out to one another, in any way we can. I chose the Urban Resource Institute because they are a resource for women who have been affected by domestic violence. They house these women along with their children (and pets). We all know someone who has been affected by domestic violence, and this is our chance to help. Through the purchase of one item you could be truly helping someone in a rough situation.

I want the message to be heard that no matter how different we are, WE ARE CONNECTED. 

If you ask yourself why you would want to be a part of something like ThreadConnection, I want the resounding answer in your hearts and minds to be this:

Because there is a thread that connects us all.


We got this ladies

Love and blessings to you all.