Model, Author, College Graduate 
photos by_Kent Miller 
 I am passionate about modeling, art, photography, poetry, writing, film, things that add beauty to an otherwise harsh world. I am passionate about anything that can inspire people to love themselves and the world a bit more than they already do.
I am passionate about being a woman, and the beauty, peace and strength that comes with it.
 My clothes have taken me on trips to Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Nova Scotia.They have taken me to modeling castings and go sees. They've taken me around the modeling world, and the world in general. 
My primary goal is to be happy, which for me means being at peace with myself and surroundings.I feel like it is one that I have achieved, but must always work to maintain. Other than that, my goal is to run a successful hair care company with my amazing business partner, and leave a positive mark on the earth. 
One of my proudest moments was getting signed with Click Models, my first agency. I was also proud of moving alone to Dallas, and later NYC, and making a life that I love for myself, despite some people telling me I would fail. However, I think that writing and publishing my first book, "The Hurt" is my proudest accomplishment so far.
Women have so much power! I feel like we are suppressed by society (and some men) because deep down they know that women are infinitely powerful. I think the most powerful thing about being a woman is our emotional strength and intuition. We are the caregivers and life bringers of the world, but we also have the ability to be emotionally strong for our families and friends.
I filmed a video of a poem I wrote in the long white skirt. I love how the video came out and I think the skirt added a bohemian feel to the film. 
I love the idea of connecting people. I also love empowering women. I feel that ThreadConnection does both. But more importantly, the proceeds go to an amazing cause, and that was all the incentive I needed to become a contributor.I hope to send the message that strength comes in all different forms.
A lot of my clothes are floaty, bohemian pieces, and that's kind of the person I am.
I want women to know that you can be calm, and a dreamer, and a lover, and a goofball and still be strong. There's power in being the calmest person in the room. Also, be yourself. Don't ever be ashamed of who you are. 
As corny as it may sound, I believe that love connects us all. I believe that God connects us all. I think it's sometimes hard for people to connect with each other because love and God are intangible things. You have to actually believe in them to feel their effects. I think we are more connected than we even really realize. 
I'm just a fun loving, adventurous, free spirit. I hope women enjoy my clothes, and that they maybe travel the world in them, or do something they love in them.