Music is my biggest passion. I've been singing for as long as I can remember . There's nothing like hearing a piece of music that touches your life.
My clothes have helped me with confidence on job interviews and meeting new people..the job I currently have is with a luxury retailer and I couldn't have gotten that job if I wasn't fashion forward and felt confident in my outfit.
My goals are to continue to work hard and get to a place in my life where I will be financially stable for my future family . But my most important goal is to be ultimately happy within myself and with the decisions I make .
The proudest moment of my life was overcoming hardships and obstacles. Through all of the adversity in my life I never broke but continue forward.
The most powerful thing about being a woman is the strength we carry physically and mentally. As women we have the capacity to be what ever we want if we just focus.
The cause influenced me to donate to ThreadConnection...anything I could do to help women I am so down for !!!
The message I hope to send to other women is to have confidence in yourself, and you could still be sexy and classy ...also don't let anyone tell you it isn't possible because it is.
The thread that connects us all is that everyone has the ability to give back even if it's just a little ...and I feel as human beings we should want to help others who can't help themselves ...I've been in situations where I need a helping hand and it pushed me to move forward in my life .
 I am donating because I want to help ...even though I've experienced a different kind of hardship, I know what it's like to be down and out, to feel helpless and if I can help another woman, even if it's just a little, I've done my job .