Model, College Graduate, Body Image Advocate



My proudest moment is graduating from college! College was not easy for me, and I went to school in Austin,TX where I didn't know anyone (I'm from Minnesota). I was really proud of myself for spending 4 years on my own meeting new people and working hard! I tear up even thinking about it, college was a lot of HARD WORK. I would recommend going to college out of state to everyone. I feel that what connects us as women is our complexity! We are all so different, but we connect through our united internal strength and ability to overcome all obstacles. The message would I want to send to other women is that being yourself is OK. The media floods our heads with these images and ideas about what women should or shouldn't look like, what they should wear if they want certain things, what they should do if they want a man to like them, how to behave in the workplace in order to be respected. I say do what feels good, that's it.