Owner of Vex Jewelry     


One of my passions since I was young has been writing. It’s my favorite creative medium, but it’s also an essential skill for my career path in marketing and public relations. I’m passionate about traveling as I believe strongly in experiences above material items. I also run an online jewelry store (www.vexjewelry.com), which began with simple staple pieces and I’ve recently been incorporating more of my own designs as well.
My clothes have taken me through many memorable experiences. Certain outfits remind me of trips I’ve taken, fun night’s I’ve had, successful job interviews I’ve been on…
Like most women, I think my style varies a lot depending on the situation. In my daily life I am very casual and sporty but I also love to dress up. I’m influenced menswear, I love trousers and collared shirts. Material is very important to me as well. Velvet is my favorite but I also love silk, satin and denim sometimes.
As I mentioned before, I love traveling and one of my main goals is to see as much of the world as possible. I believe experience is the best inspiration for storytelling. I’d like to publish a book of short stories, perhaps a book of poetry and stories about my own life. One of my personal goals is to always have self-awareness and be able to improve myself constantly. 
 I can’t think of a single moment, but it brings me a sense of accomplishment to see my progress. Whether it was my move to New York a few years ago or receiving positive feedback for my written work or jewelry designs, I am proud to see myself improve and take steps toward my goals.
The most powerful thing about being a woman is our resilience. Women as a whole endure so much pain, whether it comes from physical or sexual violence against us, childbirth, heartbreak, and motherhood, to name a few. Through all of this we remain graceful and feminine. That’s powerful to me.
The pieces I donated are business attire. We are taught that to succeed we have to dress the part, and I think confidence comes from presenting yourself well. I’ve worn some of the pieces to successful job interviews and I hope to pass that energy on.

I’m happy to be a contributor because I support the message behind ThreadConnection. Someone told me that I’m stubborn and need to learn how to accept help when I need it, and that was a good lesson for me. I love that the brand encourages women to help each other and I also admire the socially responsible business model.
I hope that we can stop tearing each other down so much. Society already reduces us to just a body or a face, as if we are nothing beyond that. It’s worse when women attack each other. 
I think we’re all connected by our experiences. Individual struggles make people feel isolated, when in reality we all go through many of the same things. Everyone has their own problems, and that should make people act better towards each other.